About MyRace.

MyRace produces beautiful, personalised, wooden medal displays for you to showcase your hard earned marathon bling. And because modern life is busy and we can’t always exercise or keep as we’d like, we also create virtual fitness challenges for you to complete at a time and place to suit you.

Our medal displays are oak fronted and are manufactured by a charity in the Scottish Highlands, so when you purchase yours, not only are you investing in a beautifully crafted, bespoke display, you are also supporting a charity who help young people with additional support needs.

Our virtual events come in a variety of distances from 5km – 1,000 miles and can be themed around movies, TV, the Military or famous routes and destinations around the world. They can all be completed at any location or time that suits you, day or night! Maybe you are a busy parent who has no free time on a weekend, perhaps you have a work schedule which means you can’t guarantee when you are free, or maybe you want to build up the confidence to complete a local event or maybe you want to reward the kids for getting active…

With many virtual events we also donate money to specially chosen charities, so you can support worthwhile causes whilst keeping fit and collecting epic medals!