What is virtual racing?

A virtual race is one that can be completed at any location or time, meaning you do not have to physically turn up to a race start line. You could complete your virtual race in your lunch break, before work, after dropping the kids off for school, on a treadmill at the gym or you could walk it at the weekend. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it!

How does Virtual Racing work?


Choose your event

Choose which virtual event you want to complete and enter online.


Complete your challenge

Run your race and upload a photo of your achievement.


Get your bling

We’ll send you a fabulous bespoke medal and a few more goodies besides.


Pick your next event!

There are plenty of events coming up… pick your next target!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the distance in one go?

No, you don’t have to complete any of our events in one go. You are free to break them down into as many goes as you choose.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still enter a MyRace Virtual Event?

Yes! We have lots of participants around the world. Simply select ‘International Shipping’ at checkout.

Are there any restrictions on where or when I can complete my challenge?

No. You are able to complete your challenge on pavements, forests, running tracks, beaches, hills, on holiday or at another race. In fact there are no restrictions whatsoever in terms of where or when you choose to go virtual racing, but please be careful, stay safe, use your best judgement and wear high-viz clothing if running at night.

I am new to running and so am building up my fitness. Are there any cut off times for your events?

No. We welcome participants of all abilities and experience levels. In fact, we would love it if people were inspired by MyRace to try their first event with us. What better reward than a MyRace medal whilst supporting worthwhile causes!

Can I enter my child into a MyRace event?

Yes, but please ensure that children are accompanied at all times when completing their run.

How frequently will you release new events?

We plan to have a new event every month, however past events will stay open until the race capacity has been reached (this may differ by event).

Does any money go to charity?

Yes, money from MyRace events go to specially selected charities. Details of each are available under the entry page for each event.

Can I complete my run with my dog?

Yes! We love running with our dog and so it would be great to see photos of other people out running with theirs. Medals always look good around the neck of a proud pooch!

I have an idea for an awesome medal. Can I share it with MyRace?

Of course you can! We will always welcome great ideas for new runs and will look into any idea put forward to see if they are feasible.

I do not have a GPS watch. How can I upload a photo of my run details?

If you don’t have a GPS watch, we recommend using one of the many running apps available for smart phones in order to track your run e.g. Strava, MapMyRun etc. You can then take a screen shot of your run summary and upload that to your profile.

How long will it take my medal to get to me?

We aim to send out medals and goody bags within 24 hours of you uploading your run photo to your profile. We use second class post and so medals should be with most people within 3 – 4 business days of uploading their run photo. Occasionally we may be waiting on medals to be delivered to us from our manufacturer. In those instances, we will make this clear to anyone before entering the race and will also give an expected delivery date. Medals will then be dispatched to runners who have uploaded their photos as soon as they have arrived. If you feel you should have already received your medal based upon the information above, please contact us via the contacts page and we will get back to you asap.

What happens if I get injured or don’t complete my challenge?

In order that we don’t end up with an enormous heap of unclaimed medals, we’ll send your medal out to you automatically a year after you enter. This will appear as a ‘Timed out’ entry in your account.