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£14.00 (Includes £5 charity donation)

This is a distance challenge of 42.2 kilometres

Celebrate Pheidippides and earn yourself this beautiful medal by completing 26.2 miles over as many or as few runs or walks as you choose.

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£5 per entry will be donated to PSC Support.
Registered Charity Number 1115615
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In 490BC, as he ran to Athens on what was probably a very hot day, we suspect Pheidippides had no idea what an impact he was having on the future of long distance running. He was simply following orders and was delivering news of a famous victory by the Greeks over the Persians at a town called Marathon… Like all of us over this now famous distance, he gave it his all and pushed himself to the limit. He pushed himself so hard in fact that according to legend, he got to his destination, proclaimed “victory – we won!” then promptly died. Poor Pheidippides. But a legend was born and an iconic running event was created!

The MyRace Marathon is supporting PSC Support and the valuable work they do in helping people affected by Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. To earn yourself this beautiful medal, complete 26.2 miles over as many or as few runs or walks as you choose.

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Medal Size (W x H x D)

70mm x 80mm x 5mm

Ribbon Width





Antique Bronze

4 reviews for MyRace Marathon

  1. Jen

    I love this medal! It’s a nice, heavy, quality medal and such a cool design. I also appreciate that you took the time to make sure the Greek was all correct on it 🙂

  2. Thomas

    This is an incredible medal, one I’ve very proud to add to my growing collection, the quality is undeniable

  3. Teresa

    Really enjoyed building the mileage to earn this medal. Love the medal ad tried to complete it in larger chunks. Great incentive to complete the distance.

  4. Luke

    Cracking medal, love
    The theme! Great quality and smart ribbon always adds a nice touch ?

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