Sit Up Challenge


This is a activities challenge of 3000

Are you looking for a new fitness challenge? Something a bit different from your usual cardio? Why not mix things up with our one month push up challenge!

Can you complete 3,000 sit ups in 30 days? Sit ups are an excellent exercise which help sculpt the abs and hip flexors, building core strength for running.

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Take on this challenge in April and you will earn yourself the stunning Forever medal – although we can’t guarantee you will have abs like Black Panther by the end of this challenge…

Average 100 sit ups a day – break them down into chunks and spread them through the day or hit them in a single sitting – its completely up to you. But remember, summer bodies are made in the winter 🙂

The evidence required for this event is a final upload of your sit up tracker, notepad or even a victorious sweaty selfie!


Additional information


Metal with enamel

Ribbon Width




Medal Size (W x H x D)

67mm x 100mm x 4mm


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